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How to Write Dental Job Specifications to Attract the Right Candidate

How to Write Dental Job Specifications to Attract the Right Candidate

Are you a dental practice owner struggling to attract the right candidate for your job openings? You’re not alone. The dental industry as a whole has extreme difficulty in recruiting and retaining talented staff. Several significant factors play a role in this issue - from compensation requirements to expectations around working styles, finding the right fit for your practice is no easy task.


The first step in any successful recruitment strategy should be writing a clear and accurate job specification that accurately communicates what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Getting this right will ensure your recruitment process is efficient and effective, as well as help attract more suitable applicants. Job descriptions are used as a marketing tool to drive interest from potential candidates and can be the difference between finding a great hire or getting lost in a sea of applicants. A well-crafted job specification should be comprehensive enough to outline the essential qualities and skills required for the desired role, while also being concise enough to leave out irrelevant details.


So, how can you ensure that the job specifications you write are going to be a success in attracting the right candidate?

Key Insights


When recruiting, it helps to have an understanding of the current market and industry trends. Our recruitment insights report provides a clear picture of candidate expectations across the UK and Ireland based on data from January to June 2022.


Key statistics from the report show that:

 - Flexibility is a priority for a huge number of dentists, with 73% of associates and 46% of EU dentists seeking to work part-time.

 - Distance to work is another key concern for associates in particular, with 50% only willing to travel 15 miles for their next role.

 - Salary expectations are equally demanding, with 77% of associates opting for private-only or over £12.00 per a UDA.

 - 47% of EU dentists are seeking out private-only work with many currently lacking a performer number.


To read the full report on our most recent findings, you can download the PDF here.


We believe these insights will help practices understand how to attract, retain and develop their dental workforce and serve as a valuable tool when writing job descriptions. Armed with this information, you can start to craft job specifications that will help you recruit the right candidate for your practice.


Our Top Tips


  • Clearly Explain Duties and Responsibilities: Specify all of the duties, responsibilities and tasks that you expect from the role to give a comprehensive overview for potential applicants.

  • Highlight Benefits & Perks: Dental professionals are increasingly looking for roles that offer more than just a basic salary, so don’t be afraid to highlight any extra benefits packages and perks that your practice can offer. Including details of your vacation policies is also helpful.

  • Specify Qualifications & Skills: It is essential to include a list of required qualifications and skill sets along with any industry-specific knowledge needed in order to perform well in the role. Listing any certifications or licenses required may be beneficial as well. In addition to providing a clear description of the roles and responsibilities, it is important to include information about your practice, such as its mission statement or values. Doing so helps potential candidates understand your core business philosophy and decide if they would be a good fit for the organisation. Make sure to emphasize the positive aspects of your workplace culture. Research shows that candidates are looking for a supportive environment that recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides opportunities for growth. If you can demonstrate this in your job specifications, you will be more likely to attract the right candidate.

  • Finally, Be Flexible in your Approach: Dental professionals are increasingly opting for flexible working options, so consider if you can offer part-time, remote or job-share roles. This could give your practice an edge when recruiting and help you attract top talent.




Writing job specifications to attract the right candidate may seem daunting. However, with our tips and insights into current industry trends, you can be well on your way to creating a successful recruitment strategy. Utilising data from our recruitment insights report and understanding the needs of dental professionals will help ensure that you are able to craft effective job specifications that will help to attract the best possible candidates for your practice.


Thank you for reading. We hope this article was informative and helpful. Please feel free to share it with your network, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more dental recruitment tips and news.


If you need more advice on how to recruit and retain dental staff, our team can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in building a strong and successful dental practice with a happy, committed workforce. We look forward to hearing from you!








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