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How to find a perfect job match

How to find a perfect job match

Finding the perfect job is hard in any industry. Thankfully, job-seeking dental nurses and practices looking for the ideal dental nurse candidate have a range of online tools to help them find the perfect candidate-job match. Natasha Hameed recruitment consultant at MediCruit, a Henry Schein company, explains more.

According to the 2017 BDIA Spotlight report, there were 55,523 dental nurses in employment in the UK during 2015/16, representing a 4.2% increase on the previous year. With so many dental nurses actively in work, there are bound to be significant numbers who are contemplating a move, whether that’s a next step-up in their career or a desire for a change of scene or location. In particular for those considering relocation, it’s crucial to have access to the full range of suitable positions. And for this, they need a friendly recruitment agency with nationwide reach and in-depth knowledge of the profession.

Similarly, dental practice managers who have a vacant position for a dental nurse need to be able to advertise that vacancy to as wide a candidate pool as possible. There are many costs associated with recruiting a new member of staff, aside from the direct costs of recruiting and on-boarding a new employee, there is also the less-quantifiable cost of lost output whilst a replacement is sourced and the time-lag whilst they get up-to-speed and reach their “Optimum Productivity Level”.

For a small business, such as a dental practice, this represents a significant sum of money which practice owners and managers can ill-afford and many go to significant lengths to avoid.

One way to minimise staff turnover is to do everything possible to recruit employees who are likely to be a good fit with the practice and stay for a reasonable length of time. This can only be achieved if recruiters have access to a wide range of candidates from the UK and abroad. Such access makes it possible to attract the best talent and combined with expertise from experienced dental recruitment consultants, makes it more likely that the appointment will turn out to be a success for both parties.

Over a thousand live jobs at any time
Online job adverts are now the key way of finding a suitable position and being able to search an extensive database of live job vacancies at any time, makes a huge difference to dental nurses searching for a new role or challenge. On our own website we have introduced search functions that can facilitate the refinement of results which can be tailored to a range of criteria including location, how many days the candidate wishes to work and how recently the job was posted. A shortlist function allows the creation of a shortlist of jobs, making the management of more than one application at a time fast and straightforward. Once the initial research has been done, it’s always good to know that an experienced consultant is at the end of the phone should you require more details or to even contact the employer on your behalf.

Speaking on behalf of Medicruit, our team of experienced consultants has specific knowledge of the dental sector and we only recruit in this area. This means that we know the sorts of questions about a new position that a dental nurse will ask and we can answer them immediately. The number of dental jobs available changes daily so even if the perfect job doesn’t come up in the initial online search, we always recommend that candidates get in touch and request to be added to our database. That way, even if you haven’t found your perfect job yet, your perfect employer might be able to find you.

Over 14,000 candidates within the dental profession
In the same way, recruiters can run their own Candidate Search in the dedicated area of our website. Candidate Search gives access to over 14,000 dental professionals, who have already been screened and pre-qualified by our team. Each candidate has an online profile which includes availability, practice and software experience as well as their current notice period. Search results can be filtered using a number of parameters including job title, distance from the practice and availability.

Suited to the needs of dental professionals
Finding a recruitment consultant who understands the nuances of job hunting and recruitment makes these often time-consuming tasks much easier. The extended service, to 9pm Monday to Thursday offered by MediCruit means that both candidates and recruiters have access to personal advice after surgery hours and of course an online resource that can be accessed 24/7, allowing research and shortlisting to be done anytime, anywhere on computer, tablet or smart phone.

Finding the right candidate-to-job match is essential to the happiness and career prospects of every dental nurse and the success of both the clinical and operational aspects of a dental practice. With so much riding on these decisions it saves time and frustration to enlist a specialist recruitment agency to maximise the chances of finding the perfect match.
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