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5 things to avoid when updating your CV

5 things to avoid when updating your CV



Understanding what should be excluded from your CV is important to ensure you are focusing on the positive aspects that impress interviewers and position you as a suitable candidate. This article highlights common mistakes to avoid and personal details that should not be included in your CV.




1. Excessive hobbies or interests:


If you have limited work experience and your hobbies are relevant to the job, you can consider including a brief section (two to three lines) that highlights them. However, if you have a substantial amount of work experience, it's better to leave the hobbies section and emphasise your skills and professional accomplishments instead.



2. Lengthy introductory paragraphs:


Introductory paragraphs are statements that outline your key skills, qualifications, significant achievements, and career goals. Interviewers often rely on this section to evaluate your suitability for the job before delving into the rest of your CV. It's recommended to limit this paragraph to two or three sentences that specifically highlight qualifications matching those mentioned in the job description.



3. Incorrect qualifications:


Employers usually verify qualifications, accomplishments, job titles, and salaries mentioned in CVs. Misleading information can lead to dismissal from consideration due to dishonesty. Employers do internet searches to review your work history or use candidate-checking services to verify the information provided. Be truthful about your qualifications to establish yourself as a reliable and genuine candidate, leaving a positive impression on hiring managers.



4. Unexplained gaps in employment:


If you have employment gaps exceeding three months, it's best to provide a concise explanation in your CV's professional summary. For instance, you can mention that you were a stay-at-home parent during a specific period and express your readiness to re-join the workforce and contribute to the business. Other valid reasons for employment gaps, such as redundancy, health issues, gap years for personal reasons, or attending school, can also be explained. Additionally, you can utilise other sections of your CV to demonstrate how you utilised your time during unemployment.



5. Negative commentary:


When seeking a position with a new dental practice, it is wise to avoid including negative commentary about previous jobs. Instead, focus on expressing your desire for a role in a more inclusive or conducive work environment without including details about job dissatisfaction in past roles. You can highlight your ability to perform effectively in challenging work environments without making negative remarks specifically about the previous dental practice.



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